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When the Weather Keeps You Home: You Can Still See Your Doctor

When the Weather Keeps You Home: You Can Still See Your Doctor

It’s December, and the cold weather season is here. When you need medical care, but the weather has you thinking twice about leaving home, it isn’t easy to see the doctor. 

At MyNP Professionals, our experienced providers understand your concern. Our family medicine team is dedicated to helping patients in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, receive the best medical care possible — no matter the season. 

Our team offers telemedicine services and virtual care visits with our certified nurse practitioners, Dr. Rosalyn McFarland, DNP, RN, APNP, FNP-BC, and Dr. Clarissa Lawrence, DNP, APNP, APRN, FNP-BC, NP-C. If you’ve never tried a telemedicine visit before, keep reading to learn why you should consider it this winter. 

What do I need to understand about telemedicine? 

Telemedicine, also referred to as telehealth or virtual care, is a way for you to receive the same high-quality healthcare you expect and deserve when visiting your provider from any location of your choice. 

Virtual care works using specific technologies that make it more convenient for you and your provider to connect. Though you can have useful and productive virtual visits, many times telemedicine takes advantage of video and chat software. 

Telemedicine originated as a way for healthcare workers in rural areas to serve patients who struggled to make it into town for care. Since that time, the convenience telemedicine provides has resulted in continued growth and popularity, making it available to almost everyone. 

It’s important to understand that not every condition can be diagnosed or treated with telemedicine alone. In those cases, your MyNP Professionals provider will order in-person tests or exams as needed. 

The good news is that many common medical concerns don’t require a physical exam or in-person lab work. This means Dr. McFarland and Dr. Lawrence can diagnose and treat you for many issues through telemedicine, including:

Telemedicine is also a great way to maintain regular check-ins for chronic healthcare conditions. 

Why consider trying telemedicine?

At MyNP Professionals, we take your health and privacy seriously. We also understand that “life” doesn’t always happen at times when it’s convenient to get to your healthcare provider. 

That’s why we feel one of the biggest benefits of telemedicine is the incredible convenience it provides. No matter if it’s the weather that has you hesitant to head out, you’re out-of-town, or you’re busy with family or work obligations, virtual care visits give you access to your provider from any location of your choosing.

Convenience isn’t the only benefit telemedicine at MyNP Professionals offers. Other reasons to consider trying telemedicine include:

Saves you time and money

Instead of slowly slogging through slush, telemedicine means you don’t have to drive across town to see your provider. You also don’t spend time in the waiting room before visiting with your team. Plus there’s no gas or transportation costs involved. 

Secure and easy 

Telemedicine allows you access to your healthcare provider by connecting through a phone, computer, or tablet, using our 100% HIPAA-compliant system. You’ll be able to communicate as if you were in the same room, knowing your information is secure.

Better for your health

Telemedicine keeps you healthier by reducing your exposure to contagions, like colds, COVID-19, the flu, and other viruses to which you may be exposed in waiting rooms and elevators when you have a sick appointment during cold and flu season.

Better for your healthcare

When you use our telemedicine services, you and the team at MyNP Professionals both get other benefits that improve healthcare outcomes, such as a reduction in canceled appointments, the ability to give care to more patients, and increased office efficiency. 

Ready to learn more? Contact the MyNP Professionals office in Brown Deer, Wisconsin by calling 281-993-4072 to book a telemedicine appointment or requesting an appointment online now.

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